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Source Code: Hosting Silverlight Pivot in Windows Azure

Source Code: Hosting Silverlight Pivot in Windows Azure

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You can download this full VS2010 Solution and open in VS2010 admin mode. 

Edit MainPage.xaml.cs and enable to following line so you can use my prebuilt Pivot in your Code and then just press F5 to test sample in compute emulator:

private static readonly Uri s_GalaxiesCollectionUri = new Uri("http://galaxiespivot.cloudapp.net/ClientBin/galaxies.cxml");
public MainPage()
pivotWidgets.LoadCollection(s_GalaxiesCollectionUri.ToString(), string.Empty);

The VS2010 Solution looks like as below:


Download the source code from: http://pivotviewerinazure.codeplex.com/

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  • Cool. You saved me lots of time with this sample. I was trying to get my pivot working in compute emulator with no success. You sample saved me lots of time. If you wrote it one week back, I will have 1 more week in my life. Do you know how to host cxml and associated files in Azure Storage?

    Thank you for the the sample code.

  • Thanks, I am glad you found it useful!!

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