Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) is designed to give you what you need to plan, build, test and take your solution to market. We’ve brought a range of platform development tools together in one place, including technical, support and marketing resources, as well as exclusive offers. Please visit Microsoft Platform Ready site and signup your application using Windows Live Account:

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Once your application is signed up it will be listed as below:


Please be sure to setup appropriate “Microsoft Platform” used by your application as below, you can do that by editing the application properties later or setup correctly when you registered your application:



Once your application is selected in proper Microsoft Platform category it will listed as below and a download link to the test tool will be made available:




Once you click “Download tool” above you will get download link to “Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool x86.msi” as below:



Download and Install - Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool x86.msi properly. 



Once Application is installed in your machine it is time to run the Microsoft Platform Ready test. 


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Note: Please contact for questions about the program, about the certification, or about the tool itself.