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Updated Windows Azure Management Portal

Updated Windows Azure Management Portal

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Recently Windows Azure team released updated Windows Azure Portal with following updates:

  • 11 Language

The Portal is now available in 11 languages; newly supported languages are Japanese, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Users can choose their desired language from the language chooser in the top left pane of the Portal.

  • Context Menus: To drive a more intuitive user experience, the Portal now supports right click menus in the “Hosted Services, Storage & CDN” pane.

  • Performance Improvements: Users can expect to see significantly lower initial load times with the addition of a local temporary cache and the optimization of network bandwidth consumption. When the new portal is first loaded, it will prompt users to increase the local storage amount.

  • Enhanced Delete Deployment: Developers can now delete running deployments. In earlier versions, developers had to wait for a deployment to stop before it could be deleted. With this new version you can now delete running Windows Azure deployments as well.
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