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Handling Error ERROR_AZURE_DRIVE_DEV_PATH_NOT_SET when mounting a cloud drive

Handling Error ERROR_AZURE_DRIVE_DEV_PATH_NOT_SET when mounting a cloud drive

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If you have the same code running in ASP.NET (within web role you may not hit the problem) however if you try to do this outside role code or from a standalone app you have much more chances to hit this error.


Couple of months back, I have written a sample on how to mount a cloud drive using stand along app as below:



Today when I used my own sample I got error as “ERROR_AZURE_DRIVE_DEV_PATH_NOT_SET” so I was kind of surprised.. but I also had a chance to dig further which I like most..


With SDK 1.5 based application, I verify that RoleEnvironment was somehow not available, even the code was running inside a VM which already have Web Role running fine.


I did spend some time to understand why RoleEnvironment is not available and loop through the following function until it is try and within few seconds I could get my cloud drive mounted…


if (RoleEnvironment.IsAvailable)


  // Code will only work if Windows Azure role environment is ready



Not sure why (still looking for that) however you if you want to mount a cloud drive do the following to solve such errors:

  1. Before calling any Cloud drive related code, be sure to have RoleEnvironment.IsAvailable return as true
  2. If #1 is not available then loop through the code because cloud drive specific code will work only when Azure runtime environment is ready



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