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Windows HPC with Windows Azure burst training kit version 1.6

Windows HPC with Windows Azure burst training kit version 1.6

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Windows HPC Server with Burst to Azure is ideal for compute intensive applications that demand 1000s of Cores. The HPC/Azure hybrid solution allows both novice users and skilled developers to quickly deploy their existing windows binary executable, HPC SOA code, or MPI-based HPC code.   The HPC job scheduler automatically batch scales your code by allowing cloud nodes to be added to an on-premise head node.   These comprehensive samples should get your Windows/non-Windows users up and running quickly on Azure for their compute-intensive workload needs.

Download: Windows HPC with Windows Azure burst training kit to version 1.6. 

The offline installer along with a paper: Windows HPC with Burst to Windows Azure: Application Models and Data Considerations 

Samples include:

1.        Parametric sweeps

    1. CPU spinner
    2. Image rendering on Renderman format files (Console client)  - Updated!
    3. Image rendering on Renderman files (Windows Phone 7 client) - New!
    4. BLAST on Azure! - New!

2.        SOA

    1. Square Service
    2. Asian Options service using VSTO and Excel
    3. Word-association service using SQL Azure - New!

3.        Message Passing Interface (MPI)

    1. Pi (π) Calculator - New!
    2. Tachyon ray-tracing - New!
4.        Excel offloading
  • Asian Options UDF  -- an UDF implementation of sample 2b.
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  • very exciting! thanks for blogging about this - I'm off to download and read that paper now...

  • Do you happen to know if any Biotech company or university is using this software?

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