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Everything you need to start with Windows Azure based Microsoft Codename "Social Analytics"

Everything you need to start with Windows Azure based Microsoft Codename "Social Analytics"

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Microsoft Codename "Social Analytics" is a suite of Azure services for developers and end-users enabling businesses to integrate the social web into their business applications. Our goal is to enable businesses to build connections and communities among customers, influencers, and their employees; to support customer needs for high value information guided by peers and experts/influencers; to engage in conversations and respond to buzz around hot topics; and to make the voice of community actionable across the product lifecycle.


As of now two instances are available as below:


-           http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlazurelabs/labs/socialanalytics.aspx


Registration process:

Visit the link http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlazurelabs/labs/socialanalytics.aspx and click at “Start Here”:


After fill you information and select any one slice. If you want to access both slices, you would need to register two times:



Once registration is completed after 15+ minutes you will get an email with invitation code:


Now you can start digging into as below:


Getting Started Guide for Storage Analytics Silverlight client:

If you decide to use “Social Analytics Engagement Client” use the link below and follow the given steps:

-           https://connect.microsoft.com/BusinessPlatform/content/content.aspx?ContentID=26375


Step 1. Sign in with your Live ID


Step 2: Now select an appropriate instance from the above screen. I will choose https://billgates.social.azure.com which will open another web page as below:



Step 3: After properly inserting correct information in above screen you will see the screen as below and select “Engagement Client” as below:


Step 4: Engagement client is a Silverlight application which will open in your browser. You can integrate your Twitter account with and start exploring data and networking.



How to use Engagement Client for its full potential:

-           https://connect.microsoft.com/BusinessPlatform/content/content.aspx?ContentID=26375


Use PivotViewer for Excel or Linqpad or VS2010 with Storage Analytics:

-           https://connect.microsoft.com/BusinessPlatform/socialanalytics



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