Automatic transactions in AX 2009: System Accounts

Systems accounts are used for automatic transactions in Dynamics Ax.  In the systems account form we add various automatic accounts on the basis of posting types.  The following transaction types can be posted in case setup is missing.

Path: Dynamics Ax > General Ledger > Setup > Posting > System accounts


 Please find the types of system accounts available (automatic transaction accounts can be configured):



Setup of system accounts for Financials depends on the accounting process. 

In general setup of

  • Error account  (considered as suspense account)
  • Penny difference in default currency  (Posts default currency related penny differences)
  • Penny difference in secondary currency  (Posts related secondary currency penny differences)
  • Year-end result  (Any differences during Year-End process can be posted here)
  • Balance account for consolidation differences (Differences during consolidation for balance sheet accounts only)
  • Profit & Loss account for consolidation differences (Differences during consolidation for P&L accounts only)
  • Vendor invoice discount
  • Vendor cash discount
  • Customer invoice discount
  • Customer cash discount
  • Cash discount
  • System rounding (System rounding off value postings)

 Configurations could be done. In case of any issue with GL reconciliations this may be one of the place to look at transactions if at all system account configured for those posting types.