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Windows 7 : How to document process steps outside Dynamics AX 2009

Windows 7 : How to document process steps outside Dynamics AX 2009

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Dynamics AX: 

Feature called 'Task recorder' to record activities & process done inside product.

Path: Dynamics Ax > Tools > Task Recorder


Record steps out side Dynamics Ax 2009 in Windows 7 operating system as following:

Windows 7 Operating System:

Go to  Windows > Start > Search = psr

Click 'Enter'

Click 'Start Record' (This initiates recording of activites done on the computer)

Click 'Stop Record' (To stop recording)

Incase of any comments need to be added during the process of a particular step use 'Add Comment' option.

Once we stop recording user would be prompted to save as zip file.  Unzip the folder and launch the MHTML document from zip folder to have screen shots of the process and description.

  • Thanks for sharing the informative lens. Very useful.



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  • AX2009(*1)の機能にタスクレコーダが有ります。 タスクレコーダは、DynamicsAXクライアント上での操作を記録して、スクリーンショット付きのドキュメントを作成する機能です。 タスクレコーダ機能を使用することで

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