Management Reporter 2012 CU9 has been posted for download!

This release contains enhancements to the Management Reporter Web Viewer around opening and refreshing reports along with additional troubleshooting information in the Configuration Console related to data issues in Dynamics AX.

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter 2012 CU9 features:

  • View a list of previous month’s reports and open them in the web viewer
  • Headers and footers are shown by default in the web viewer
  • Enhanced data detection in the Configuration Console
  • Support for dynamically displaying currency symbol, currency code and currency description
  • Support for SQL Server 2014

MR 2012 CU9 Update new feature details and demos:

  •  Refresh a report in Management Reporter web viewer (CU9): There are times when you want to be able to get an updated view of the data in a report without having to go back in Report Designer to regenerate the report. One of the main times this is needed is when folks are making their month end adjustments.  With Management Reporter CU9, there is now the added ability to refresh a report in the web viewer, without having to go back into Reporter Designer. Users that are in the Administrator, Designer or Generator roles will be able to use the refresh option to view an updated, private view of the report. Check out the video below to see it in action:



  • Display currency symbol, currency code and currency description (CU9): Users are able to select any reporting currency they wish to view data in from the Web Viewer application bar by clicking the Currency icon. With Management Reporter CU9, users can now dynamically see the currency symbol, code and description they have defined in the Dynamics ERP when the currency is changed. Three new auto text options have been added to Management Reporter Report Designer to enable this functionality:
      • Currency symbol (@CurrencySymbol)
      • Currency code (@CurrencyCode)
      • Currency description (@CurrencyDescription)

You can add the auto text both in the Column Definition and in the Report Definition headers. Additionally, anywhere in a report where a currency symbol is used will update with the appropriate symbol for the currency from Dynamics AX. The places where currency symbols are used are:

      • Display currency symbol on first row which is defined in the Report Definition
      • Use currency format in this row (CS), defined in the Row Definition
      • Format Overrides defined in the Row and Column Definition

View the video to see how the currency information dynamically updates in a report:



Additional Management Reporter 2012 CU9 product fixes for new/outstanding known issues from Management Reporter 2012 CU8:


A box around rows (BXB and BXC) with Line rows does not work
correctly when you export report to Excel


Companies to Company mapping will fail if a user is deleted from
Active Directory but remains in Dynamics AX


Dynamics AX 2009 Management Reporter users need write access to
Event Viewer log on Management Reporter server when using Insert Rows from


Unable to use Dynamics AX Reporting Currency in reports with
Management Reporter CU6 and later.


False error "Adapter must have a setting with a Site
attribute" in integration log for Dynamics AX 2012 DDM


AutoFit column width does not work correctly when you print
multiple reporting units


Error message “Unclosed quotation mark after the character
string“occurs when deploying the Application Service if Master password
includes an apostrophe


Selecting only detail units from different summary levels
results in a Unit Tree Security error in Web Viewer


Management Reporter DDM report generation may process a large
number of invalid dimension combinations


"Report duplicate accounts" option misses accounts if
identical lines exist in a report


Columns are shifted at the transaction detail level when Account
and Transaction Attribute columns exist


Improved error\warning message in Web Viewer when a report
contains no data


Change Tracking left joins on Initial Load can cause significant
performance degradation


Format Override with a period "." in the currency
symbol will cause an incorrect number of decimal places in the amount


A report with columns that span multiple pages will not print
the correct page when you use the "Shrink to page width" option


Large amount of records in SQL Change Tracking changetable can
cause "record level exception" error to occur for many/all Fact


A large number of columns with dimension filters and multiple
companies can hit RPC SQL parameter max of 2100


Web Viewer displays text from DES in incorrect column if
column(s) to the left of DESC column does not print


TranslatedPeriodBalance table not populating for all companies


Subtotal by Period with an Actual and Budget column displays
totals on different rows


Error message “Sequence contains no elements" occurs when
opening a migrated row definition


Spelling errors in the Migration Wizard crash


Partition restriction on hierarchy OU/dimension query is excluding
valid hierarchies/tree units


Account to Account integration fails with after making change to
the exchange rate type for an account with Dynamics GP or AX


Improved error message from an exception in the BulkLoader


UpdateBalancesForExchangeRate stored procedure is blocking
report generation when new exchange rates are integrated


Report Headers and Footers are not migrated from FRx with CU8


NOTE: You can find the download for Management Reporter 2012 CU9 Update here: