Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework Beta 2.0 is now available on Information source.

Download Link :

Besides the already rich feature set, some of the key new features which have been added in this release are below -


  1. ODBC as Source – with this it is possible to import data using ODBC.
  2. AX as Source – It supports export/import , copy company for Data migration Framework entities.
  3. New entity types – Direct Table and Composite Entity.  
  4. Parallel execution support from Staging to Target.
  5. Service Interface – DMF can be executed by external applications
  6. Error handling enhancements – skipping error rows, and detailed logs.
  7. Number sequence support.
  8. Removed requirement to install SSIS on AOS .
  9. SQL 2012 support

I will add details on the above feature set soon.