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Steps for setting up Record Level Security

Steps for setting up Record Level Security

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Create a user group


Add test user to user group. Dyndust is my test user.


Ensure user has appropriate access to the form. Log in as user and ensure they can view all entries in the drop down. I’ve done so by giving Admin access to the RLS Test group, your security requirements will be different than what I’m configuring.

Ensure user can view all items in the drop down menu


Now lets set up Record Level Security


.Make a separate line for each Sales Origin that you want to be available for your group.


End Result

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  • Can any one  confirm me  how can I give  the record level security  through X++ code

    I have  done that by  making a query  in the init of form  and  applied the range of  according to users

    on    Smmopportunity form.    

                        There are filters on the  said form  such as  show all, and  owner wise.

    When I click the select all  checkbox,  then the  my query is   broken  and  it shows the  records  of all users   ,  where as  I have  passed  the  specific user range  in the  init of  form   through query range.

    Can  anyone  confirm  how  can I use the  said  code.

    Please  reply ASAP  on my  email address  given below.

    Thanks in advance


    Amit Babber


    Hi Amit,

    Try changing your approach slightly so that you are applying the RLS to the query regardless of the ranges on it.  Enable the RLS in the run method on the fully built query.  Take a look at the form JmgCurrentAssistance.  In the run method is has a call like this:


    Preceeding that call different ranges are applied:


    Would something similar work for you?


  • can any one tell me record level security key how can i create by funtionally  in the admin- seq-record level security in that i am creating .when i click querybutton  form will open if we are applying 5 to 6 criterias it is taking total usergroup but i neet individually means take ex of the CTC form it has to show only curuserid . if  i am applying with the usergoup with the rang 5 to 6 it is displaing to all 5 to 6 member please help me  how can i add funtionality per useronly with funtionally not in technical

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