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Importing Customers, Vendors and Products in AX 2012

Importing Customers, Vendors and Products in AX 2012

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People are starting to get into 2012 and I couldn't be happier about it!!  There is a lot of interest in services so I decided to write a couple different simple examples of how to call document services in AX.  I apologize for the formatting of code in this text editor, I promise when I wrote it, it looked like normal code :)

This calls the vendor service:

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using ConsoleApplication9.Vendors;

namespace ConsoleApplication9


    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


            VendTableServiceClient proxy = new VendTableServiceClient();

            CallContext context = new CallContext();

context.Company = "ceu";  //New class that replaces AX endpoints.  It makes it obvious which company you are importing data into.  I love this class!!


            AxdVendTable vendor = new AxdVendTable();

             AxdEntity_VendTable[] vendTables = new AxdEntity_VendTable[1];

            AxdEntity_VendTable vendTable = new AxdEntity_VendTable();

            //vendTable.AccountNum = "877778";  //If your number sequences for vendor accounts are set to manual set this property           
vendTable.Currency = "USD";           
vendTable.VendGroup = "10";

vendTable.Name = "My Vendor Test Name";


            //Create the party record

            AxdEntity_DirPartyTable_DirPerson party = new AxdEntity_DirPartyTable_DirPerson();

party.NameAlias = "First2";


            //Set the name fields

            AxdEntity_PersonName personName = new AxdEntity_PersonName();

personName.FirstName = "First2";

personName.MiddleName = "Middle2";

personName.LastName = "Last2";


            //Add the names to the party record and set the name sequence

party.PersonName = new AxdEntity_PersonName[1] { personName };

party.NameSequence = "FirstLast";           
vendTable.DirPartyTable = new AxdEntity_DirPartyTable_DirPartyTable[1] { party };



            vendTables[0] = vendTable;

vendor.VendTable = vendTables;


proxy.create(context, vendor);






This one is for customers:

            CustomerServiceClient proxy = new CustomerServiceClient();
            CallContext context = new CallContext();
            context.Company = "ceu";

            AxdCustomer customer = new AxdCustomer();

            AxdEntity_CustTable custTable = new AxdEntity_CustTable();
            custTable.AccountNum = "998877";
            custTable.Currency = "USD";
            custTable.CustGroup = "20";
            custTable.OneTimeCustomer = AxdExtType_OneTimeCustomer.Yes;
            custTable.OneTimeCustomerSpecified = true;

            //Create the party record
            AxdEntity_DirParty_DirPerson party = new AxdEntity_DirParty_DirPerson();
            party.NameAlias = "Becky";

            //Set the name fields
            AxdEntity_PersonName personName = new AxdEntity_PersonName();
            personName.FirstName = "Becky";
            personName.MiddleName = "ILiveForThis";
            personName.LastName = "Newell";

            //Add the names to the party record and set the name sequence
            party.PersonName = new AxdEntity_PersonName[1] { personName };
            party.NameSequence = "FirstLast";

            //Create a postal address
            AxdEntity_DirPartyPostalAddressView address = new AxdEntity_DirPartyPostalAddressView();
            address.LocationName = "Location Name";
            address.Street = "2122 NE 5th St";
            address.City = "Beverly Hills";
            address.State = "CA";
            address.CountryRegionId = "USA";
            address.ZipCode = "90210";
            address.Roles = "Home;Delivery";

            //Create an electronic address
            AxdEntity_DirPartyContactInfoView electronicAddress = new AxdEntity_DirPartyContactInfoView();
            electronicAddress.LocationName = "Contact Email";
            electronicAddress.Type = AxdEnum_LogisticsElectronicAddressMethodType.Email;
            electronicAddress.TypeSpecified = true;
            electronicAddress.Locator = "";
            electronicAddress.Roles = "Home";

            //Add the addresses to the party record and the party to the CustTable record
            custTable.DirParty = new AxdEntity_DirParty_DirPartyTable[1] { party };
            custTable.DirParty[0].DirPartyPostalAddressView = new AxdEntity_DirPartyPostalAddressView[1] { address };
            custTable.DirParty[0].DirPartyContactInfoView = new AxdEntity_DirPartyContactInfoView[1] { electronicAddress };

            //Add the CustTable record to the Customer entity
            customer.CustTable = new AxdEntity_CustTable[1] { custTable };

            //Create the customer
            proxy.create(context, customer);


For items you want to go out to this blog which shows you how to import items -

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  • Thanks for the article

    Do you know how to add an address to an existing customer?

    Do you know how to update an existing address?, while trying to do this I always get Invalid Entity Action or Entity action cannot be specified.

    Thanks again!

  • You should have a look at the article I wrote on this blog regarding updates -

    The method below will add an address to an existing customer:

    private static void addAddressToExistingCustomer(AxdCustomer customer)


               CustomerServiceClient proxy = new CustomerServiceClient();

               CallContext context = new CallContext();

               context.Company = "ceu";

               AxdEntity_CustTable custTable = customer.CustTable[0];

               AxdCustomer axdCustomer2 = new AxdCustomer();

               axdCustomer2.ValidTimeStateType = customer.ValidTimeStateType;

               axdCustomer2.ValidTimeStateTypeSpecified = true;

               axdCustomer2.ValidAsOfDateTime = customer.ValidAsOfDateTime;

               axdCustomer2.ValidFromDateTime = customer.ValidFromDateTime;

               axdCustomer2.ValidToDateTime = customer.ValidToDateTime;

               AxdEntity_CustTable custTableNew = new AxdEntity_CustTable();

               custTableNew._DocumentHash = custTable._DocumentHash;

               custTableNew.RecId = custTable.RecId;

               custTableNew.RecVersion = custTable.RecVersion;

               custTableNew.action = AxdEnum_AxdEntityAction.update;

               custTableNew.actionSpecified = true;

               custTableNew.CreditMax = custTable.CreditMax + 10;

               custTableNew.CreditMaxSpecified = true;

               custTableNew.CustGroup = custTable.CustGroup;

               //Update the postal addresses

               AxdEntity_DirParty_DirOrganization dirPartyTable = (AxdEntity_DirParty_DirOrganization)custTable.DirParty[0];

               AxdEntity_DirParty_DirOrganization organizationNew = new AxdEntity_DirParty_DirOrganization();

               organizationNew.RecId = dirPartyTable.RecId;

               organizationNew.RecIdSpecified = true;

               organizationNew.RecVersion = dirPartyTable.RecVersion;

               organizationNew.RecVersionSpecified = true;

               organizationNew.action = AxdEnum_AxdEntityAction.update;

               organizationNew.actionSpecified = true;

               AxdEntity_DirPartyPostalAddressView newAddress = new AxdEntity_DirPartyPostalAddressView();

               newAddress.LocationName = "New Location Name";

               newAddress.Street = "1800 NE 5th St";

               newAddress.City = "Beverly Hills";

               newAddress.State = "CA";

               newAddress.CountryRegionId = "USA";

               newAddress.ZipCode = "90210";

               newAddress.Roles = "Home";

               newAddress.action = AxdEnum_AxdEntityAction.create;

               newAddress.actionSpecified = true;

               organizationNew.DirPartyPostalAddressView = new AxdEntity_DirPartyPostalAddressView[1] { newAddress };

               custTableNew.DirParty = new AxdEntity_DirParty_DirPartyTable[1] { organizationNew };

               axdCustomer2.CustTable = new AxdEntity_CustTable[1] { custTableNew };



                   proxy.update(context, Program.readCritera("1104"), axdCustomer2);




               catch (Exception e)






  • Hi,

    I am trying to add contact info to an existing customer (trying to attach the contact info at the postal address level and not customer(party) level ).

    I was able to successfully follow this tutorial :

    to add new contact info but have found no way to associate it to a particular address using the web service.

    I believe in AX, the LogisticsLocation.ParentLocation field needs to be populated with the desired postal address rec id.

    Also I would like to know if there is a way to do this when creating a new customer.

    Any help would be apprciated.


  • Hi Charu,

    Where in the AX UI would you do the equivalent of what you are trying to do with the service?  How would I enter a new contact on an existing customer at the postal address level in the UI?  That will help me understand and answer your question.

  • Hi  Becky,

    Open any customer details page. Under the addresses fast tab, add/edit an address, the Edit Address form opens up. I am trying to add contact information here under the contact info fast tab.


  • Hi Charu,

    I'm pretty sure you won't be able to set a contact on an address on the customer service without modifying the service.  Out-of-the-box I don't see anything in the data policy of the service that suggests you could create that contact through the service call.

  • Hi Becky,

    Thanks for looking into that. I am now exploring/using the newly released data migration framework tool (beta) instead, it gets the job done.

  • Received an email asking me how to create multiple products using the EcoResProductService.  The method below works for me:

    public void createMultipleProductsWithoutReleasing()


               EcoResProductServiceClient service = new EcoResProductServiceClient();

               CallContext ctx = new CallContext();

               ctx.Company = "ceu";

               AxdEcoResProduct axdProduct = new AxdEcoResProduct();

               AxdEntity_Product_EcoResProduct[] products = new AxdEntity_Product_EcoResProduct[10];

               for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)


                   AxdEntity_Product_EcoResDistinctProduct distinctProduct = new AxdEntity_Product_EcoResDistinctProduct();

                   distinctProduct.DisplayProductNumber = "BulbW" + i.ToString();

                   distinctProduct.ProductType = AxdEnum_EcoResProductType.Item;

                   distinctProduct.SearchName = distinctProduct.DisplayProductNumber;

                   AxdEntity_Translation tran = new AxdEntity_Translation();

                   tran.LanguageId = "en-us";

                   tran.Name = "Transparent Bulb W" + i.ToString();

                   distinctProduct.Translation = new AxdEntity_Translation[1] { tran };

                   AxdEntity_Identifier ident = new AxdEntity_Identifier();

                   ident.ProductNumber = "BulbW" + i.ToString();

                   distinctProduct.Identifier = new AxdEntity_Identifier[1] { ident };

                   AxdEntity_StorageDimGroup storage = new AxdEntity_StorageDimGroup();

                   storage.Product = "BulbW" + i.ToString();

                   storage.StorageDimensionGroup = "PG_30";

                   distinctProduct.StorageDimGroup = new AxdEntity_StorageDimGroup[1] { storage };

                   AxdEntity_TrackingDimGroup tracking = new AxdEntity_TrackingDimGroup();

                   tracking.Product = "BulbW" + i.ToString();

                   tracking.TrackingDimensionGroup = "PG_30";

                   distinctProduct.TrackingDimGroup = new AxdEntity_TrackingDimGroup[1] { tracking };

                   products[i] = distinctProduct;


               axdProduct.Product = products;



                   service.create(ctx, axdProduct);


               catch (Exception e)






  • Thanks very much for your blog it is realy very helper, but i have an error and I don't know why

    when I try to import a vendor it run ok and i searched for this vendor in the screen and found it, after that i tried to edit it  so I found that his name is disabeared and the system asked me to add first, middle, last name since its mandatory, and when i tried to change them on the screen the system give me an error

  • Hi Mohamed,

    I just tested it.  After importing I went to AP > Common > All Vendors > Foud First2 Middle2 Last2 in the grid and clicked Edit.  In the form that opens I see the First name, Middle name and Last name fields are set.  If I click the Change name button I can alter each of these.  It looks correct to me.  

    I am using kernel and application build 6.0.1108.670.

  • Hi,

    I find your examples very useful.

    I still can not figure out how to assign telephone, email, fax etc. to one of contact addresses not just to customer. Any ideas?

  • Hi Jack,

    I don't understand your question.  Are you calling the customer service or the contact service?  Can you post the code you are using and where you want to change it?

  • Please post code for barcodes for relevant released product

  • Which service did you use in your app here?  

  • Hi Becky Newell,

    Is there any possible way to update the address information for a existing customer which is not primary?

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