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Data Imports in AX 2012

Data Imports in AX 2012

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We have had many, many questions around importing data in AX 2012. Until recently
the best way to do imports has been through the use of services. Services are
still a great way to import data but you have more choices now. Fairly recently
the Data Migration Framework tool (DMF) became available as a public beta.

The DMF tool allows you to import data into AX tables from text files without
writing code. You can find the tool on InformationSource. It is located here -
Data Migration Framework. You can find it in InformationSource by clicking on Services towards the top of the page. You will see a list of downloads available, look for the one entitled
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework Beta. Once you find the tool, I would advise you to watch the video that is posted right where you
download the tool before doing anything else. It will give you an idea of how
it works. After you've watched the video, download the tool.  Also right beside the download for the tool is the written documentation
for how to use it.  The documentation will guide you through the installation and for
using the tool once you are ready to dig in.

I know many of you have been looking for this for a while, Enjoy!!!

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  • Good information, Becky (as usual).  I see that this is in beta and has been for a bit.  Do you know of an ETA for the next or formal release?  Thanks!

  • Hey Bill,

    I don't think they have a release date yet.  I know they want to get feedback from the beta and go from there.

  • Hi Becky

    I have managed to get everything to install, but have been having issues with the file loading into staging tables.  It doesn't seem to want to recognize the records.  In the documentation it mentions some sample files, but I can't seem to find them...can you point me into the direction of where they are located?Thanks!

  • Hi Tracy,

    It has been a month or so since I installed this but when I did the files were part of the installation.  I think the documentation says the default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Migration Framework (CTP)\DemoFiles. With the beta though they had changed the end of this path to Beta instead of CTP.

  • Hi Becky,

    Thanks that exactly where they were.  Thank you, maybe this will help me figure out why I can't get it to recognize my records in my file.

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