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The Report Server Configuration ID could not be found in the SRSServers table

The Report Server Configuration ID could not be found in the SRSServers table

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When attempting to run a report in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 you might run into an error that says '

'The default Report Server Configuration ID could not be found in the SRSServers table.'


If you are faced with this error, try to go to System administration> Setup> Business intelligence> Reporting services> Report servers> change server name to <YourServerName>(here DAX2012) as well as ensure that your Report Manager URL, Web service URL and Application Object Servier information reflect this server as highlighted on the screenshot:


After this go to AOT> SSRS reports> Reports> find your report> right click> Deploy element and see then if you are not able to sucesscully launch the report


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  • Thanks for providing this information, it solved my deployment issue in minutes. Merry Christmas!!

  • hello kim!

    i did this and after validating that it was succesful on the deployment, it says something about an error, that i should enable remote errors

    any clue about this?

  • Hi Sebastian, can you tell us the exact error message you got?



  • Hi All,

    My error is weird, I have entered the web url and report server manager url. On AX client as they are on reporting instance. I have also validated the setting by clicking the button, but I still get an error saying Configuration id could not be found.  I have followed all the steps on this link but just when I get to the last part, I get that error.

    my url's are both working, I have also created a folder for reports. I can open it and all that

    please assist me guys.

  • Hi Samuel,

    2 tips

    Have you checked the SRSservers table directly? If you have multiple instances of reporting, is the AXC file pointing to the right AOS - see


    Ensure that you have enabled the report server configuration and you have not put a trailing backslash in the report server urls e.g http://dax2012/reports/ will NOT work, but http://dax2012/reports will



  • Your solution helps me and in my case reporting services are stopped.

    Note : Make sure SQL reporting services are active.


    Ravi Theja Madisetty

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