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Changing the Background Color on AX Forms in AX 2012

Changing the Background Color on AX Forms in AX 2012

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I recently wrote some additions to a nice little utility that changes the background color in forms.  For each company you can set the background color to a different color of your liking.  The color serves as a visual reminder of which company you are currently logged into.  Enjoy!


Addendum:  I just added a project that does the same for AX 2012 R2.  No additional functionality, just made it compatible with AX 2012 R2.  The download is now a zipped file that contains a project for AX 2012, and AX 2012 R2.  Please import the correct project for your version..

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  • Hello Becky!

    I would like to know how to change that colors with you xpo file, i've downloaded the xpo and imported into AX2012, no errors, but i dont know how to change the color. Does your xpo create some menu into ax or i have to open it from AOT?

  • Hi Francisco,

    In AX go to Organization administration > Setup > Organization > Legal entities.  In the form that opens select the company you want to set a color for and under the General fast tab there's a Company Color dropdown.  Set the color to what you want it to be for that company.

  • Hi Becky - A colleague of mine, John Hannan, gave me this link and it works perfectly for what the customer required.  We just upgraded an instance from CU3 to R2 and ran into some problems compiling the application, so Microsoft recommended that we start all over with a clean AX 2012 application and re-install any mods.  I need to know please if this utility/enhancemnet is R2-compatible?  Thanks...

  • Jeff - we don't have a version of this utility that would be compatible for AX 2012 R2 at this time, and as you noted, the current one would not work with R2. We'll update the post later when we can have an R2 version of it to share.

  • Three cheers for Bill Thompson from our Developer Support team for adding an R2 compatible version to the attachment on the blog - Thanks Bill!!

  • Do we have an update for R3 or can we use the one from R2?

  • We tried to implement this code in an AX2012R2 CU7 environment and are running into a strange issue.  We can change one legal entity but when  we change a second one the first one gets erased.  It seems to only allow us to change one company and that form gets changed for that one company and when we try to change the second one we lose the first one.  Have you seen this before?

  • Thanks for sharing objects. Its working fine.

  • Do we have an update for R3 or can we use the one from R2?

  • Also looking for an R3 compatible version (CU8). Changing from staging to production can cause confusion, this should be built in to Dynamics AX to eliminate potential errors or rework. Thanks.

  • Sorry forgot to login. Still would be nice to get an R3 CU8 version. This would help differentiate environments and or companies to prevent rework or errors.

  • I would also like to know, if this will work with R3 CU8?

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