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AX 2012: Enabling Allow Check Reuse for Canadian Environments

AX 2012: Enabling Allow Check Reuse for Canadian Environments

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Per TechNet article (CAN, USA) Reuse a check number [AX 2012] environments that are on AX 2012 with the Feature Pack have the ability to enable the Allow Check Reuse feature in Cash and Bank Management Parameter for US and Canadian Companies. I wanted to provide information that will allow you to enable the Allow Check Reuse feature for Canadian Companies if you have updated to AX 2012 Feature Pack and do not see the option to enable Allow Check Reuse in Cash and Bank Management Parameters for your Canadian company.

In order to enable the Allow Check Reuse for Canadian Companies the CountryRegionCodes that are part of the BankParameters table may need to be updated via the AOT.  Please note that this is not a documented/tested HotFix so making the below changes will be at you own risk and testing should be done in a Sandbox environment prior to applying to a production environment.


  1. Open the AOT (Ctrl+D).
  2. Expand Data Dictionary
  3. Expand Tables.
  4. Locate the BankParameters table.
  5. Expand the BankParameters table.
  6. Expand Fields.
  7. Click on AllowCheckReuse
  8. In the Properties pane locate CountryRegionCodes (US should be listed by default)
  9. Add CA to the CountryRegionCodes along with US (US, CA).
  10. Compile to bring the changes into the environment.

Below is a screenshot showing the properties window where the changes need to be made.



Dave B.

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  • Hi Dave

    Very interested in you blog dated Oct 26, 2012 re:Re-issue checks for Canadian companies

    I have been struggling with this one for quite a while

    Although I have followed you procedure and enabled check re-use

    I still cannot do this

    I can not change the status of the check from Sent back to None for reprinting

    Unless I first reject the check, doing this does not then allow me to re-use the same check number

    Very frustrating

    If you have any ideas or pointers I would greatly appreciate it


  • Paul,

    We have actually pushed a Hotfix through for the check reuse functionality in Candian environments.  I receommend that you open a support request so an engineer can request the hotfix for you.

    Have a great day!



    --Request hotfix KB2799316 for AX 2012, that Dave mentions above (This fix is also included in AX 2012 CU-5)

  • Hi,

    What about a UK environment?  Can this feature be enabled only for US and CA?  I am trying to add GB to the Properties pane for our UK environment and the Reuse option is still unavailable.


  • Hi Autumn,

    The Check Reuse functionality was only developed for US and Canadian environments.  It is possible that other countries can be added to the CountryRegionCodes but this would not be functionality that has been tested.

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