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Calling the FinancialDimensionValidation Service in AX 2012

Calling the FinancialDimensionValidation Service in AX 2012

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I had a request on a separate article to provide an example of how to call the FinancialDimensionValidationService.  The code below works on the demo data.  Enjoy!

FinancialDimensionValidationServiceClient client = new FinancialDimensionValidationServiceClient();

CallContext context = new CallContext();

context.Company = "ceu";


LedgerAccountContract lac = new LedgerAccountContract();

lac.parmMainAccount = "110110";


DimensionAttributeValueContract avc = new DimensionAttributeValueContract();

avc.parmName = "BusinessUnit";

avc.parmValue = "10";


lac.parmValues = new DimensionAttributeValueContract[1] { avc };


LedgerAccountValidationContract contract = new LedgerAccountValidationContract();

contract.parmLedgerAccount = lac;

contract.parmValidDate = Convert.ToDateTime("11/21/2012");


bool ret = client.validateLedgerAccount(context, contract);







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