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Error message “Posting definitions are required for year-end general ledger close.” in AX 2012

Error message “Posting definitions are required for year-end general ledger close.” in AX 2012

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When you try to generate opening transactions in AX 2012, you get an error message "Posting definitions are required for year-end general ledger close. Select 'Use posting definitions' checkbox on General ledger parameters".

This warning message occurs if the Public Sector is a registered product. In AX2012 Public Sector feature depends on the Posting Definitions and Transaction Posting Definitions being created.

A. Are you using the Public Sector feature? If this feature is not used, here are suggestions to resolve the warning message:
1.  Go to System Admin | Setup | Licensing | License Information
2.  Click the Feature Sets tab
3.  Locate the Public Sector code and delete the license code
4.  Close the form and you will be asked to synchronize AOT
5.  Restart the AOS

B. If you are using Public Sector, you will need to setup the Posting Definitions and Transactions posting definitions.

More information about this setup is found through the article link below:

Transfer opening balances to a new fiscal year [AX 2012]

Examples: Posting definitions (Public sector) [AX 2012]

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  • In AX 2012 R2 the functionality has been improved - as you can read on following blog post:

  • Hi Michal,

    I have seen another workaround to this issue:

    I tried as explained in the link above and it worked fine. Which is the best way?


  • Hello Javier,

    There's a difference between both solutions. The solution #1 ( is disabling the public sector feature for closing of the fiscal year only. The solution #2 ( completely removes the Public sector from the system.

    I had a service request lately from partner about it. Customer is using Public sector features, but they want to close the Fiscal year in "old way" - without posting definitions from Public sector. For them the solution #1 is the correct one.

    But if you want to disable Public sector completely for your customer, then use solution #2.

    What is the best way has to decide your customer and their needs.

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