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Important application hotfixes

Important application hotfixes

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Since Rollup 8 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 (as well as some other cumulative updates) we have released several critical updates in different areas. I wanted to share the links to the updates that include important hotfixes released up to today. Most of these hotfix packages are cumulative in nature, so installing the hotfix package will contain changes to many objects, but is strongly recommended to obtain the latest tax and regulatory updates.

  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Financials USA Tax 1099 6.3.1000.920 12 Dec 2014 After CU8 KB3019585
Financials SEPA       SEPA.pdf

  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Financials USA Tax 1099 6.2.1000.9506 11 Dec 2014 After CU7 KB3019585
Financials SEPA     After CU8 SEPA.pdf
Financials Trial balance 6.2.1000.1752 26 Jun 2013 In CU7  KB2864076
Financials Sales tax 6.2.1000.2309 31 Jul 2013 In CU7 KB2862391
Financials Dimensions 6.2.1000.4750 08 Nov 2013 After CU7 KB2908811
SCM MRP and Master planning * 6.2.1000.4477 25 Oct 2013 After CU7 KB2903053
SCM MRP and Master planning * 6.2.1000.4370 22 Oct 2013 After CU7 KB2887436
SCM MRP and Master planning * 6.2.1000.2155 31 Jul 2013 In CU7 KB2863674
SCM MRP and Master planning * 6.2.1000.1163 16 May 2013 In CU6 KB2848890

  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

AreaTopicBuildComment Link
Financials USA Tax 1099 6.0.1108.7596 17 Dec 2014 After CU7 KB3019585
Financials SEPA     After CU7 SEPA.pdf
Financials Trial balance 6.0.1108.5271 24 Jul 2013 In CU7 KB2864076
Financials Sales tax 6.0.1108.4988 19 Jun 2013 In CU7 KB2862391
Financials Sales tax 6.0.1108.4788 23 May 2013 In CU7 KB2852155
Performance ! Multiple (Purchase/Sales orders) 6.0.1108.6265 03 Jan 2014 In CU7 KB2922782
Performance Vendor Invoice 6.0.1108.6233 12 Dec 2013 In CU7 KB2922167
Performance Financial statement 6.0.1108.4169 18 Mar 2013 In CU5 KB2829303
Performance Budget transfer 6.0.1108.3071 29 Nov 2012  In CU5 KB2786045
Performance Vendor invoice 6.0.1108.2293 28 Sep 2102 In CU4 KB2761989
Performance Vendor invoice 6.0.1108.2306 28 Sep 2012 In CU4 KB2761986
Performance Dimensions 6.0.1108.4758 23 May 2013 In CU7 KB2850358
Performance Dimensions 6.0.1108.4088 12 Mar 2013 In CU5 KB2821760
Performance Dimensions 6.0.1108.1340 29 Jun 2012 In CU4 KB2728488
SCM MRP and Master planning * 6.0.1108.5893 30 Oct 2013 In CU7 KB2904561
SCM MRP and Master planning * 6.0.1108.5034 25 Jun 2013 In CU7 KB2863674
Projects Project purchase receipt 6.0.1108.5913 02 Nov 2013 In CU7 KB2903934
Projects Sales tax on project sales order 6.0.1108.4618 26 Apr 2013 In CU7 KB2843120

  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

Area TopicBuildComment Link
Financials USA Tax 1099 5.0.1600.3184 11 Dec 2014 After RU8 KB3019585
Financials SEPA     After RU8 SEPA.pdf
Financials Sales / purchase orders, invoice 5.0.1600.2091 13 Sep 2013 After RU8
Included in the fix above
Financials Sales tax calculation and settlement 5.0.1600.1837 31 May 2013 After RU8
Included in the fix above 
Payroll Payroll update for the United States 5.0.1511.98 27 Mar 2014 After RU8 KB2953062

* Please make sure you install a recent Kernel build in addition to the application hotfixes for Master Planning.

I hope it will help customers who are on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RU8 or still considering upgrading to the latest rollup.

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Updated on 29 Jun 2015.

Have a good day,

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  • Hello Roman,

    does this hotfix contain KB2851350?



  • Hi Tim,

    This hotfix does not contain SEPA Payment updates. By the way, the latest KB for SEPA is 2871913 (released 19/08/2013), it includes KB2851350 that you have mentioned. Please let me know if you need information on the recent updates in other areas of MS Dynamics AX.

    Thanks, Roman

  • Hello Roman,

    We are currently using as remittance format "Remittance format 19, 32 & 58 AEB(ES)" (Class CustOutPaym_ESAEB) AX 2009 SP1 RU8

    I would like to know if this hotfix contains (or one future) the alternative SEPA format for use in Remittance journals

    I have seen that there is some formats for export (CustOutpaym_SEPA_ES) but not for remittance.


  • Hello Serkonten,

    as far as I know it is not available so far. You can utilize this web site to submit a suggestion to the product group.

  • Roman,  This is great, please keep updating it. Very useful.

  • Hi Roman, Could you please add some update about SEPA hot fixes for AX2009SP1? As at the moment none are listed. Thanks!

  • Kozhukhar Maksym, I've updated the post adding the link to the KB.

  • The list from "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 and AX 2012 R2 hotfix list" is a very old list. Any way the link can be changed so that it is possible to download the most recent excel file (which includes R3)?

  • Jørgen, can you use Issue Search @ LCS? Does it fit your requirements?

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