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Project ID in a Purchase order header level or line level- it is not possible, Project ID field is greyed out

Project ID in a Purchase order header level or line level- it is not possible, Project ID field is greyed out

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There could be a situation in AX2012 when you have created Purchase order and saved it (Project ID is unknown in this stage). After that if you want to enter Project ID to a header level or line level- it is not possible, Project ID field is greyed out.

The conclusion of this behavior is that this is how project Purchase order is currently designed:

- The Project ID on the PO header shouldn't be editable when a PO header is created without a project.

- The Project ID on the PO header will only be editable when a PO header is created with a project.  The project ID on the PO header also cannot be cleared when a PO header is created with a project.

This design is done due to some consequences changing project ID in Purchase order.

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  • are you saying that we can only create project related purchase orders from Project Accounting Module?

    Since I have tried linking Project ID field with project header too but it is greyed out in all the situations, whether you save the header or not.

  • Hello Zeeshan,

    Purchase order for a Project can be created not only from the Project module. You can create Purchase order e.g. from Accounts payable module, but the Project ID should be added at the moment when you create PO (in the form 'Create purchase order' section General). Once you click OK in this form, PO is created/saved and no more possible to add the Project ID in PO Header or Line details.  

  • Yeah got it. Thanks.

    My main concern is that when I create product receipt and invoice PO which is linked with the project, items are consumed at the very moment and my on-hand inventory for that item in nil. When I try to create production order and BOM item has lines that uses the same purchased item, it throws an error that onhand inventory does not exist.

    Is there any way to make sure that when items are received and invoiced at Project PO level but are not consumed so that I can have my on hand inventory with some cost associated with it. Items should be consumed only when project production order is executed?

    Item Consumption checkbox on Project Parameters does not seem to give the result in this case. Project Purchase Order behaves the same way with or without checking this parameter.

    Can you suggest any workaround?

  • Is it possible to change the project ID after it has been entered and saved?

  • I think it is not possible. When a purchase order is associated to project ID, the system will always create two inventory transactions, one for the entry to inventory and other one for the issue to inventory and the consumption in the project. It is a standard working of project module and there is not any way to modify it with settings. So if you need to use the item purchased in production order, then you should not introduce a project ID in purchase order of components and you should only define project ID in final production order. Then cost of item purchased and used in production order will not be able to be looked in project when invoicing the purchase but when updating production order depending on settings that you define in project parameters, production tab:

    - You can define that you want to see cost of final product in project when production order is finished

    - You can setup that you want to see cost of material list (including product introduced in purchase order) when picking list journal is posted in production order.

    Other customers worked so in AX 2009. They had final production orders associated to projects and purchase orders of components used in list of material not linked to project. They were able to look up cost of these components when they were consumed in production order, that is, posted in picking list journal.

    I hope this information helps you.

  • Hello DT,

    Yes, it is possible to change the project ID in Purchase Order header and lines after it has been entered and saved.

  • I my belief this should be editable. Especially in the project environment.

    At the moment of creating an order, no bookings have taken place in the system.

    The order can even be in status draft and is still not editable with this setting.

    A project environment should be able to stop a workflow to add the project ID and resume the workflow. If not an order needs to be cancelled and re processed. By doing so you will end up with a lot on unused orders, invoices from supplier which refer to the terminated order stead the second order etcetera. A lot more work and less clear bookkeeping.


  • In addition to my previous comment:

    - a change in project ID is however possible but you need to have selected one to begin with. If changing the ID is not an issue why is adding one to a draft order an issue?


  • I have looked at AX2012 R3 and see there works still in the same way.

    So I have created MS Connect Suggestion addressed to our product team

    You are welcome to vote there and also to add your comments, which will go directly to our product team.


    The Connect Site, to enter Product Suggestions, requires users to login with a Microsoft Live ID profile. So, to gain access to the Connect site, you must first register in Connect and join the Connect for Microsoft Dynamics Group. If you have previously signed up in the Connect site for other programs, you will still need to click on the first link to join the Connect for Microsoft Dynamics program.

    New to Connect for Microsoft Dynamics

    – Go to . This takes you to the introduction page of MS connect. Here, you see a headline “Getting started with Connect”. Under this headline, you find a link where it says “Register with Connect”. By clicking this, you get to a login with Windows Live ID. Log in and proceed with the registration of your profile from there. When completed, you should be able to login to MS connect and review or enter suggestions.

    Already Signed up for Connect for Microsoft Dynamics

    – Go to and start entering suggestions.

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