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  • Blog Post: AX Retail: Retail store maintenance and SQL Express

    Description Here are some tips to do maintenance on your store database running SQL express and how to shrink the size of the database. Store transaction cleanup It is important to cleanup the store database as many store databases in smaller shop only runs SQL Express editions. SQL Express...
  • Blog Post: Dynamics AX - Power options

    Description: The power options on the servers and client machines has a major impact on the performance for CPU bound processes. I collected some examples based on experience from Customer engagements. Example 1: In Dynamics AX POS the scanning of an Item took 2-3 seconds. After changing...
  • Blog Post: New Performance Benchmark Toolkit is live!

    We have just released the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Performance Benchmark SDK. You can log in and download the software from InformationSource , and get the documentation from the Microsoft Download Center as a white paper.
  • Blog Post: AX2012 List Pages - Performance Improvement

    I’ve been working on some performance issues recently, and some of these were related to list page performance in AX 2012. The problem is that for some of the list pages, even with CU3, the main query performance is slow due to the fact that the query parameter OPTION(FAST) is not being added automatically...
  • Blog Post: AX2012 and AX2009 or AX4 side by side - AOS performance counters overwritten

    Fairly simple one here - if you install AX2009/AX4 AOS on an AX2012 AOS machine the AOS performance counters get overwritten as they have the same name in all versions. For AX4/AX2009 this didn't really matter as there wasn't much difference in counters between the versions, but in AX2012 there are additional...
  • Blog Post: Slow performance in the "Arrival overview" dialog box when you set the setup name to "Return order" in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

    There was a hotfix released for a performance issue with the Arrival Overview form. However some people may still experience performance issues when going to Inventory Management > Periodic > Arrival Overview and changing the setup name to return order. This has been seen when you have a lot of...
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