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  • Blog Post: Dynamics Online Payment Services - Common errors and troubleshooting steps

    We are continuing to see a reoccurrence of very similar error messages when using Dynamics Online Payment Services (DOPS) with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012. The resolutions normally deal with the setup and configuration of either AX or DOPS. This blog is intended to cover some of the common errors...
  • Blog Post: Calling the SalesOrderService on AX 2012

    Below is an example of how to create a sales order by calling the SalesOrderService create operation in AX 2012. The example contains one sales order with 3 lines. The code sets the financial dimensions on the sales header record and it sets an inventory dimension on the third sales line. Happy programming...
  • Blog Post: Calling the Update Operation on Services in AX 2012

    Calling the update operation on web services can range from simple to very complicated depending on the entities/tables you are updating. If the entity you are calling is not a date effective entity, then the service's update method is easy to call. You can tell if a table is date effective by going...
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