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October, 2005

  • Ayman Shoukry's WebLog

    We shipped VS2005!

    Today, Visual Studio 2005 and .net Framework 2.0 shipped. This is really the best VS version ever. Great product for all developers! You can download the final bits at http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/ . Enjoy the product and keep your feedback...
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    Named Return Value Optimization in Visual C++ 2005

    Here is white paper that I will soon be submitting. Feel free to leave your comments. The Microsoft VC++ optimizing compiler is always looking for new techniques and optimizations to provide the programmer with higher performance when possible. This...
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    Great MVP Summit

    During the last 2 days (specifically Friday & Saturday), the VC team met with some of the VC++ MVPs in Redmond at the MVP global summit. It was great to meet all such folks from all over the world. The team organized a deep dive day to discuss the...
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