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  • Blog Post: Feedback around protecting Azure

    Our friends on the Forefront Server Protection team are conducting research to understand what workloads you would like to protect, and how you would like them protected. One of the workloads they are soliciting feedback on is Azure. The survey shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes, and your feedback...
  • Blog Post: How to install a chained SSL certificate

    When a user browses to a web site protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) endpoint, an error will be displayed if the proper certificates are not discovered, or if the certificate is expired, or revoked. The second line of this dialog reports more information on the specific certificate error: The...
  • Blog Post: Azure Table Exception: One of the request inputs is not valid

    When trying to insert data into an Azure Table, and calling SaveChanges() you may get an exception like: One reason that you can get this error is if you are trying to insert an unsupported type into a table. Decimal types, for example, are unsupported at this time. The list of supported types are: ADO...
  • Blog Post: We would love to hear your Azure Ideas

    Do you want to have a say in the future of Azure?  Do you have a great idea that would really make one of the Azure products really great?  Well we would love to hear from you.  You can submit your ideas on .  You can also vote on any of the...
  • Blog Post: Getting SSL certificates to work

    There are a number of useful informational articles out on the web on how to deal with SSL Certificates with Windows Azure.  The first few places to start are:
  • Blog Post: There is not enough space on the disk

    This issue was originally posted here , but I wanted to bring it to the this blog as well so it is being cross-posted here. Problem There may be some times where you will see this message when developing an application for Windows Azure.  The message will look like: There is not enough space on...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to the Azure Dev Support Blog!

    This blog is dedicated to all things Azure .  We are the support team here at Microsoft that are working with Azure.  Things you can expect to see are are posts on: Windows Azure SQL Azure AppFabric We look forward to interacting with everyone and helping make Azure a success.
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