Building Windows 8

An inside look from the Windows engineering team

April, 2012

  • Building Windows 8

    Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the new SkyDrive

    In February, we told you about our goals for connecting your apps, files, PCs, and devices to the cloud with SkyDrive and Windows 8 . Since then, we have provided the App Preview of a Windows 8 app to access SkyDrive, and we’ve updated the SkyDrive web experience. Today, we are delivering new capabilities for SkyDrive across the Windows platform. Mike Torres, and Omar Shahine, group program managers for SkyDrive, co-wrote this post. --Steven     Over the last year we’ve been hard at...
  • Building Windows 8

    Managing "BYO" PCs in the enterprise (including WOA)

    With more and more people providing their own hardware for work, the "bring your own" PC is becoming more commonplace and IT Pros want to have the confidence that they can support their clients who follow this trend. The presence of BYO does not change the need for IT Pros to manage, secure, and remain accountable for the network assets of an organization, and we all know that written policies can only go so far. This post focuses on managing WOA PCs, which are designed with this "consumerization...
  • Building Windows 8

    Reclaiming memory from Metro style apps

    Modern operating systems take a different view of the resources on the system. Regardless of the form factor, it is important for the OS to more effectively manage resource utilization than in the past. Currently, it is far too easy for a single process to consume available resources (memory, CPU, disk I/O) even when this does not improve the overall performance for end-users. The very role of an OS is to balance resources and make sure you can complete all the things that you want to do on your...
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