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Barclay Hill, Sr. Program Manager, SQL Server Developer Tools, Code-Named “Juneau” (SSDT)

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  • Blog Post: New article in MSDN Database Programming Issue (9/2011) on Juneau Database Projects

    Access article here . With the new Database Project in the latest version of SQL Server Developer Tools, you can now perform your database development in the same environment as your application development. We introduce the new release. Jamie Laflen and Barclay Hill
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Developer Tools "Juneau" CTP3 bits available now!

    Our CTP3 bits are available now through WebPI . We invite you to evaluate this pre-release version of the SQL Server Developer Tools “Juneau” and send us your feedback. If you are using Visual Studio Database Projects today you will find some improvements in this release including: Simplified...
  • Blog Post: On to Juneau

    I recently joined the SQL Server Developer Tools team at Microsoft. Our team is working on "Juneau". You can learn more about Juneau here on the Team’s blog. I have posted little over the last year, but now expect that to change as I am excited to once again be working handful of exciting new...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 Database Guide published on CodePlex

    I have been collaborating with Jens Suessmeyer , the VS ALM Rangers, MVPs, and numerous internal customers on guidance for Visual Studio Database Projects for the 2010 release. The guidance we created covers numerous best practices and contains links to many hands-on labs. This guidance was recently...
  • Blog Post: FREEWARE Version of Toad Extension for Visual Studio now available

    Shameless cross. FREEWARE Version of Toad Extension for Visual Studio now available
  • Blog Post: Goodbye dbp...Hello dbproj!

    In Visual Studio 2010, Database Edition or DBPro Projects (.dbproj) have replaced the old Database Projects (.dbp) from previous versions of Visual Studio. Database Projects (.dbproj) are available in Professional, Premium, and Ultimate versions of Visual Studio. For those who have used the old...
  • Blog Post: 2010 Database Projects at Xerox Services

    During the 2010 product cycle I collaborated with Xerox Services frequently as a part of Microsoft’s TAP Program. The TAP program allows organizations to participate in the product cycle by getting access to software throughout product lifecycle at prerelease milestones, 1 on 1 time with product team...
  • Blog Post: Release Candidate of Database Projects availble and GDR Power Tools update

    Cross Post of : Release Candidate of Database Projects availble and GDR Power Tools update
  • Blog Post: 2010 Beta 2 Database Projects available in downloadable VMs

    Been putting off evaluating Visual Studio 2010? New VMs are available to download that includes Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Ultimate and Team Foundation Server 2010. It’s now easier than ever to evaluate Beta 2. They come in 3 flavors: · Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (Hyper-V) · Visual Studio 2010...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Premium and Database Projects

    Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is available! For those of you who are MSDN subscribers you can download it today through MSDN subscriber’s page. For everyone else you will have access to it on Wednesday. Visual Studio Database Edition features are now in Visual Studio 2010 Premium. The Database Project...
  • Blog Post: Installing GDR R2 with different languages side-by-side

    The GDR R2 has a limitation that it uses the same product id for all localized versions of the product. This prevents you from installing more than one localized version of the product. If you have a need to install multiple language versions of GDR R2, you can do so by employing the following work around...
  • Blog Post: Overview of composite and partial database projects

    A colleague published a new white paper on composite and partial database projects. If you want to understand the difference or see how these project types are used check this out: Collaborative Development with Team System 2008 Database Edition
  • Blog Post: March MSDN - Introducing new features in the VSTSDB GDR

    Jamie Laflen and I wrote an article for this month's issue of MSDN magazine . The article briefly introduces most of the new features of the VSTSDB GDR release. The article covers the following features: Offline Schema Development Product Architectural Changes Server Projects and Server Project...
  • Blog Post: New Visual Studio Team System Database Team Blog

    Developers needing the latest VSTSDB product information should subscribe to the new VSTSDB Team Blog . This new blog is dedicated to product information, announcements, and all things VSTSDB. I will continue publishing about VSTSDB best practice here. Enjoy!
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