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    Recent changes in web conversion tool

    After Beta2 we have made some big changes to webconversion tool. Some of them are Moved all extra class/structs/enums to App_Code folder, so that other files in the web can use them. CodefileBaseClass support is added. If a page has CodeFileBaseClass...
  • Baiju Nair's Blog on Visual Web Developer

    Whidbey Conversion Tool

    Most difficult part in maintaining a blog is updating it regularly, Currently we were in Beta2 bug fix mode and I did not get much time to contribute in this blog. Sorry for the delay. I would like to present the conversion tool available in Whidbey for...
  • Baiju Nair's Blog on Visual Web Developer

    Visual Web Developer 2005

    I also decided to join the crowd by creating a web log. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Baiju Nair. I work for Visual Web Developer, mainly on project system feature (I know VWD does not have a project file unlike C#, VB etc). Or more specifically...
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