Most difficult part in maintaining a blog is updating it regularly, Currently we were in Beta2 bug fix mode and I did not get much time to
contribute in this blog. Sorry for the delay.
I would like to present the conversion tool available in Whidbey for web project conversion.
Converting old (VS 7.?) web projects to Whidbey
Whidbey does not support project file and code behind model has been changed.
There are few special purpose directories introduced in Whidbey (like App_Code,App_GlobalResources, App_Webrefernces etc...). So it is essential to fix these issues
to make a old (VS7.?) webs to work in whidbey. That is exactly what Whidbey migration tool does.
I would like provide an overview of what Whidbey conversion tool (WCT)does to achieve these Whidbey changes
Invoking WCT
WCT will automatically get started if there is any project file present in the web. If there is
any client project file present in the web, that needs to be removed, otherwise the web site cannot be opened.
I can briefly go through how each scenario is handled in web converion tool.

 There is an option to back up the original web (by default). It is strongly recommended to choose
back option during conversion.
Conversion report
A conversion report (Conversionreport.txt) is generated and placed in the web for future reference.
project settings
 Some of the project options are not converted since they do not have any relevance in whiney.
Others are moved to web.config or vwdsettings.xml.
If the references are in GAC (except default references) it will be moved to web.config (converted
to "GAC reference")
Other references are copied to BIN folder (converted to "bin references")
P2P references will stay as P2P references.
Web References
We references are moved to "App_WebReferences" folder.
.map file is renamed as .discomap.
proxy class file generated by VS7.? is removed.
File name may be changed (or new folder is generated) to adjust the Namespace name generated.
Codebehind to Codebeside
From the aspx pages the Codebehind attribute is changed to "CodeFile"
Class in the code behind is changed to 'Partial'
Control declaration are removed from code file if they are in the page.
Namespace statement added for VB.
For C#, event hookup code is deleted from InitComponent function, instead its hooked up
in the page (except for automatically called events like, Page_Load, Page_Error etc.).
Files marked as embedded resources are moved to 'App_GlobalResources' folder except auto generated ones. This may cause changing the code referring resources.
Web Services
Web services still uses code behind model
Code behind files are copied to App_Code folder
Code behind attribute in the asmx file is adjusted.
Code behind file is moved to 'App_Code' folder
'Language' attribute is added if there is no language attribute.
Code files
Non-Codebehind Code files are moved to 'App-Code' Folder.
Friend or internal members in these classes are changed to public
Type.GetType call is changed to System.Web.Compilation.Buildmanager.GetType.
For VB a namespace statement is added.
Data sets
Data sets are moved to 'App-Code' Folder. their name is changed to [RootNamespace].[filename].xsd
generated code behind files are removed.
Source control
Converted projects will not be in source control.

This is what web conversion tool does in a nut shell.

Our goal is to convert all legacy (VS7.?) web project to whidbey so that they will still build and run.
However in practice that may not be the case due to the design changes in whidbey.
Prior whidbey entire web project is built into a single assembly, but its changed in whidbey. I am in the process of
creating a document describing the difficulties customers may face and way to overcome that. I will post it here too.
Please provide me with your feed back.