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SharePoint 2010 – the Status Bar, Notifications & Dialogs

SharePoint 2010 – the Status Bar, Notifications & Dialogs

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One of the new & useful features in SharePoint Server 2010 is the enhancements to events & notifications, the addition of the Status Bar & Dialog Framework, and how all of these features work together to provide a more productive experience for users. From a developer’s perspective, these seemingly small features can be used in very creative & interesting ways to enhance your own custom SharePoint applications. Below is a tiny video illustrating the new Status Bar, Notifications & Dialogs:

Click either the Status Bar or Notifications & Dialog screenshot for the video:

SharePoint 2010: Status Bar

SharePoint 2010: Notification Dialogs 

In my next few postings I’ll walk you through the modification & customization of the Status Bar, Notifications, Alerts & the Dialog Framework using Visual Studio 2010.

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