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Claiming Azure benefits from an MSDN Subscription

Claiming Azure benefits from an MSDN Subscription

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Recently we announced that Azure services would be made available to MSDN Subscribers. I’ve created a short walkthrough of how an existing subscriber can go through the sign up & activation process…it’s pretty straight forward.

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  • There's a similar illustrated walkthrough for upgrading with MSDN Premium Benefits at http://oakleafblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/how-to-create-and-activate-introductory.html.


  • Thanks for the reference...since the benefits are there, the more people that show how to claim them the better I guess!


  • as far as I know for the first 6 mnth the costs would be free for azure subscribers and partners thru msdn subscrition.If true why credit  card info?

    How can I know when the billing will be started?

  • So the credit card is because the service itself is a consumer service and is paid for by "mileage"...so think of it as you've been given a credit card advance of the MSDN benefit...once that runs out, you're essentially in 'production' mode & billable. There is a check box during the walkthrough that lets you opt out of Auto-Renew...meaning at the end of the trial, it wouldn't automatically extend & start billing. That's the recommendation to avoid this. Make sense?

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