The following is a collection of topics & their direct resources that make the most sense for a practical “I don’t have time to look any further” view of using VSTS 2008, as a developer, for the day-to-day job. Call this a “cut to the chase” guide:

Command-line Reference

Team Foundation Version Control Command-Line Reference


Working with Version Control Workspaces

How to: Create a Mapped Workspace

Check In/ Check Out / Undo

How to: Configure Check-Out Settings

How to: Check Out and Edit Version-Controlled Items

How to: check in pending change

Submitting Changes to the Version Control Server

How to: Undo Pending Changes

Add, Move, and Delete

How to: Add a Project or Solution to Version Control

How to: Add Non-Project or Non-Solution Files and Folders to Version Control

How to: Move, Rename, and Delete Version-Controlled Files and Folders

How to: Delete Files and Folders from Version Control

Differences and Conflicts

Comparing Folders and Files in Version Control

Resolving Folder Differences and File Conflicts

Source Control Binding

How to: Choose an Alternate Mapping for a Solution

How to: Bind and Unbind Projects and Solutions


Working with Version Control Shelvesets:

Branch/ Merge

Understanding Branching

How to: Branch Files and Folders

Understanding Merging

How to: Merge Files and Folders


Team Foundation Version Control Walkthroughs