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  • Blog Post: Is IE10 crashing your proxy services?

    Well it might if you are using a bad proxy script Let’s assume that you use some sort of browser detection script, IE10’s Agent String might cause your script to act weird and may crash. However, if you block IE10 at the proxy and force the client to run IE10 in IE7 compatibility mode...
  • Blog Post: Building the Metro Flash Cards App

    Flash Cards are an awesome way for learning a new language, so I went on and wrote my own simple Metro Flash Cards. It's not complete but just exactly what I needed. The source code is available on CodePlex here . I might consider adding support for pictures and audio later. It should be fairly easy...
  • Blog Post: Metro Style Toggle for Windows 8 Developer Preview

    UPDATE – Classic Start Menu was removed completely from Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This application will not work any more. Download link was removed. I have been running Windows 8 Developer Preview for a while now. Since my laptop does not support touch, I am using the new Metro style Start menu with...
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