A little about me - Dec 1st 2006

A little about me - Dec 1st 2006

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Hello readers.

My name is Barak Cohen and I am the Product Manager of "WPF/E" (codename). I have been in Microsoft for 5 years (wow) and am excited to have the opportunity to work on something that will have such an impact on Microsoft's customers in addition to many other connected people.

I used to be a Windows device driver developer in the past (can you belive that) and also was involved in other Microsoft runtimes such the the .NET Framework and the .NET Compact Framework. I have so much to tell you about "WFP/E" but I will keep this to my next post.

Until next time. 

To "WPF/E" and beyond

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  • How soon will we see a CTP?  I've been looking forward to kicking WPF/E around for some time :o)

  • CTP will arrive soon. Don't take long vacations.

  • Vous ne connaissez sans doute pas Barak Cohen. Moi non plus, enfin pas personnellement ;) Barak est le

  • Vous ne connaissez sans doute pas Barak Cohen. Moi non plus, enfin pas personnellement ;) Barak est le

  • The CTP is here, but I have to say that I am really disappointed.  The CTP doesn't support .Net development, doesn't have any user interface controls, doesn't support data binding, and doesn't have a visible plan for extensibility.  What is the timeline for some of these critical features?  It wouldn't be so bad except that WPF/XBAP is hamstrung by not being able to read browser session cookies - I am stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to port a web appliction to WPF.

  • WPF is a WIndows Applicaiotn platform (much like Winforms). "WPF/E" is a web platform (much liks ASP.NET). The models are substentially different.

    WIth "WPF/E" you can use ASP.NET server based programming as well as ASP.NET AJAX to get a better web experience.

    "WPF/E" does not include user based controls, nevertheless, the samples include many examples of how to build the experience with XAML (things link buttons, rich list boxes, sliders and more).

  • regarding session cookies and wpf, have you thought about passing the cookie value as part of the querystring to start your wpf session?

  • With "WPF/E" cookies are treated the same way any web application today handles them. You can then change your markup accordingly.

  • Welcome to the blogosphere Barak. And congrats on  Silverlight!

  • For some reason, I believe you were once a device driver developer. Good luck with your new position.

    Any chance we'll see you back here some day ?

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