With "WPF/E" embedding video in HTML is easy.

With "WPF/E" embedding video in HTML is easy.

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I would like to thank Chandu Thota for this code. THis is a common scenario where you want to point to an external video. Chandu wrote the following IFRAMed code that does that:  

 <iframe frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no height=330px width=400px src=http://www.chanduthota.com/wpfe/embedVideo.aspx?src=http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/e/0/0e0e3638-5d4f-4b05-9c38-e371ddf42429/WPFE_Joe_Stegman_Ch9.wmv></iframe> 


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  • Wpf/e is a very powerfull,but I want to kown when will you ship the edition for the windows mobile.you kown,I want to brower the wpf/e page user my smartphone.


  • We announced earlier that we will have a mobile story in H22007.

  • Very nice, going to keep a close eye on this

  • It would be great to see some clarification on what audio and video formats/codecs are being supported.

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