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April, 2007

  • The Bardakist

    Experience the Silverlight brand with desktop wall papers and DreameScenes.


    We got a lot of positive feedback on the Silverlight brand and wanted to give something back to our customers.  

    Anyone who likes the brand can enjoy an exciting Silverlight wallpaper available to download from the download page of the Microsoft Silverlight web site.

    For those of our customers who are running Windows Vista Ultimate, we created something even more special... Windows DreamScenes.

    Those will also be available from our download page tomorrow but for those who can not wait, you can look at them here:

    Download: Microsoft Silverlight “Dusk” DreamScene (Standard)
    Download: Microsoft Silverlight “Dusk” DreamScene (Widescreen)

    If you want to watch how they look like, you can read all about them in the Windows Vista blog.



  • The Bardakist

    The story about Silverlight and aghost.js


    Microsoft Silverlight Logo 

    As many of you already noticed, the official name for "WPF/E" is out there, it is Microsoft Silverlight. We are very happy to have something that is easy to remember like Silverlight instead the former code name. Note that if you have the Feb CTP version of Silverlight (Windows or Mac) installed, the site will look slightly different than the way it looks like if you do not have it installed (specifically the online video playback as well as samples are displayed with Silverlight installed).

    Now that the brand is out, it is time to solve the old speculation on the source of the name aghost.js. Although we knew the name Silverlight for some time, we could not use it on the actual product. However, the product team came up with a clever idea to have the name already inside the product without actually saying it. Ag is the chemical sign for Silver; hence aghost is the hosting environment for Silverlight.

    Let me know if any of you made the connection.

    Happy times.



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