Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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I spent the last month traveling, visiting the UK and my home country, Israel. Sun was abundant and thus my spirit is high.

Beyond some vacation and very close ancounters with Alpakas and Lamas (images will follow) I had the pleasure to meet some design firms that are already doing great things with Silverlight and some startup companies that are lookign into harnessing what Silvelright can do to the innovation they want to bring (more details about these in my next blog).

 But now it is time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. It is my pleasure to introduce some jems that you can share with freinds:

1. http://www.wunderfulholidays.com/ - design your own gengerbread and share it.

2. http://www.seasonal-greetings.com/ - view a pencil drawn London

3. http://www.onlinespotlight.no/en/Christmas07/ - from the MSDN norway team

4. And my favorite: http://www.mason-zimbler.com/festivegreetings/  - absolutly a contender to the next eurovision song contest

 Until next time.


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