Israeli food report

Israeli food report

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As some of you know, during most of Dec I spent some time with my family in Israel. Since some of you asked me, I hereby provide a short report of the food you can experience in Israel. Starting from the foods in the markets to the restaurants. I also added rating (****: good , *****: super)

1.  Shook Hakarmel and Nachlat Biniamin in Tel Aviv (****): this is a nice and busy open market where you can find everything. I especially like to drink fresh pomegranate juice in one of the shops that offer it in the season.

2. Machne Yehuda and Azura in Jerusalem (*****): This is the open market of Jerusalem with its special tastes and smells. Inside it there is a hidden small restaurant called Azura that serves traditional food that is cooked on petrol burners. They select food that is fresh, cook it and sell until they run out. We had rice, beans, meatballs and musakka.

3. Falafel Yad Eliyahu (***): Falafel is one of Israel's (and the middle east) traditional foods. I liked to stop by the Falafel hut in Yad Eliyahu next to the Nokia basketball arena and have a pita bread with Falafel and some cold non alcoholic black beer.

4. Gam ve Gam restaurant in Rosh Hain (****): This is a traditional Yemenite restaurant where I used to eat when I worked in Goman in Rosh Hain. They are several young brothers who manage the restaurant and serve traditional food. The Cow Leg soup is especially yummy.

5. Barabunya restaurant Tel Aviv (Ben Yehuda St) (****): This is one of the seafood restaurant that start with serving mazzet salads and then bring a nice fresh fish grilled.

6. Jako (Hetzel st. Tel aviv) (****): Another excellent and typical seafood restaurant.

7. Ben Ezra Hadayag in Atlit (****): Atlit is a fisherman small city near Haifa and you can find nice fresh fish and salads in this restaurent.

8. NG Bar, Tel Aviv (****): good quality meat and wine at this renovated historic part of Tel Aviv.

9. Susanna, tel aviv (*****): an excellent small restaurant near the susan Dalal dancing center in Tel Aviv. Don't miss the Haraima, Bamya and the Kube Soup.

10. Herbert Samual (****): nice and fancy restaurent near the Carmel market in tel aviv. The design of the restaurant has 3 floors. The kitchen is on the top one and you can look at the food being prepared.

11. Toto restaurent (*****): a stylish Italian restaurant with a very creative chef. Enjoy the gnocchi and seafood.

When you visit Israel, feel free to use this info.

 Happy New 2008



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