We released "Tafiti" Search Visualization (w/source code)

We released "Tafiti" Search Visualization (w/source code)

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In December we released the source code for "Tafiti". A search visualization app that uses Live Search in the background and Silverlight on the front end to render search results in a compelling way. Tafiti is the first example we had for a dynamic application that renders temporal service data using Silverlight. We expect this area of synamic application to evolve and offer users more compelling experiences with their online services.


Now is your chance to look at the guts of this app and think how you can use this wizdom to create your own application.


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  • Hi Barak,

    I like the federated search model with this interface. Reminds me of some things we were working with at Nervana a company that Scott Oki funded.

    Please tell me more about how Silver light is blazing trails for video search?

    Best, Tim Reha, Venture All Stars, Seattle

  • At MIX we released an update to the Tafiti projects that integrates more Windows Live services in it

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