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February, 2008

  • The Bardakist

    Jumper movie trailer site is available in Silverlight. More to come.


    We have been working with our freinds in FOX to start a serier of hosting movie mini-sites that are powered by Silverlight.

     Jumper (starting playing in US theaters today) is the first one.

    The actual content is hosted on our beloved Silverligth Streaming service (it is Valentine's day today afterall)

    The page is localized to several markets.

    Enjoy (and expect future movie mini-sites to have more functionality with Windows Live Services). It will be an exciting year.

  • The Bardakist

    Share your love for Valentine's day with Silverlight


    What would be a better way of sharing your love other than using a free Silverlight customizable Valentine's day card?

    The Silverlight and Windows Live teams collaborated on creating such a card as can be experienced here:

    Note that the card was implemented in a way that allows universal use of it. You can use any language to compose your message. This is done by overlaying HTML DIV on top of the Silverlight UI.

    Enjoy and remember to send your own card on time, Valentine's day is Feb 14th


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