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March, 2008

  • The Bardakist

    Tafiti is now powered by more Windows Live services

    At MIX we released an update to the Tafiti projects that integrates more Windows Live services in it (specifically, presence and P2P messenger APIs that allow one to share search favorites with buddies). You can find the new Tafiti site here: This site shows how WL Messenger APIs can allow sites to encourage interaction with peers. Find the project page on Code Plex here
  • The Bardakist

    The Microsoft Video Portal will soon be heading your way


    With some much content available in a video form, and the popularity of the video medium with both consumers and enterprise customers, we identified a need to consolidate the vast amount of video content we have in our network and make it available (and searchable, and embeddeble) to our customers. The MS.COM team stepped up and created a new portal that will be powered by Silverlight and will allow you to search, experience, embedd and email video content on (which later will become ). An initial view of the site was available during the MIX 08 conference and you can expect to see it going live again in April (I will update you with specific date once it is available). The creation of this makes one think about the viability of creating a searchable media site for corporations. We already released a blue print for such a design with the project.

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