A team of trail blaziers from MSN released last week the new MSN toolbar. This is the first commercial native Win32 application that uses Silverlight as its rendering engine. The chose Silverlight because of two reasons:

  1. Small memory footprint: MSN toolbar is a browser plug in that needs to have a small memory footprint (mainly because new instances of it are running while the browser is open). Silverlight small footprint enabled that.
  2. Rendring online content: the toolbar is used to render up-to date content and Silverlight provides the right architecture to deliver that.

Try it today on http://toolbar.msn.com/Overview.aspx?loc=en-us

MSN Toolbar

 To the customer, the toolbar provides a simple way to be up to date on today's news. It is also enhances the search experience.

Download and Enjoy.

PS. the toolbar is compatible with Silverlight 1.0 and with Silverlight 2 beta 2 (and forward).