Emergence of social networks for kids with Silverlight

Emergence of social networks for kids with Silverlight

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In my last business trip I had the pleasure to meet the leaders of a small company that is betting big on Silverlight. 

Shidonni is a collaborative that is targeting kids between the ages of 4-8 (way lower than other social networking sites) and is encouraging the concept of creation (kids can create their own interactive creatures), sharing (they can share them with their friends), interaction (playing games with their characters) and learning. Targeting kids of smaller age is interesting and possibly marks a trend. When I was 4 I was not interested in social network 9I did not know what they were), but my little kids certainly are more exposed to the digital world and this seems like an interesting approach for introducing kids to this virtual world in a safe manner.

shidonni site 

Let your kid try it and let them know the reaction.


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