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April, 2009

  • The Bardakist

    Why don't you try a nice Silverlight game on Facebook?


    Our dear friends in Plexipixel  have created a nice Silverlight based game on Facebook. It is called Roshamboom! (  

    Roshamboom! is inspired by David C. Lovelace’s extreme rock-paper-scissors concept called RPS-101.  The RPS-101 ( game got a ton of web chatter when it was released back in 2007 because it took David over a year to concept the game and produce the 5000+ outcomes.  The Plexipixel folks thought it would make an ideal (and silly) turn-based game for Facebook.  Plus, it allowed them to practice some Silverlight skills.  You can read more about the game here: 


    Try it and let me (and the Plexipixel folks) know what you think.



  • The Bardakist

    Want to drive more users to use your Silverlight powered web app? This one is for you.


    The Silverlight Installation Experience White Paper and Sample code is now published on Microsoft’s Download Center.


    This paper provides an insight into the mechanism of authoring and designing a proper installation experience for Silverlight applications on Web pages.  


    The design incorporates feedback we got from focus groups and from our experience with many Web sites that have a sub-optimal installation experience for Silverlight.


    The paper provides templates for Silverlight Web applications and Web media applications.


    The templates are designed to:

    ·         Be easy to localize

    ·         Work on any browser and address incompatible Web browser configurations

    ·         Be light weight

    ·         Work with different form factors

    ·         Being able to be customized using text only

    ·         Leverage and be compatible with the code provided in the shipping Silverlight.js

    ·         Support multiple controls



     Please use this code in your Silverlight applications and improve the chances of your users who do not have Silverlight install, to go to your Web page, install Silverlight and use your application.


    Have a nice weekend.



  • The Bardakist

    Silverlight Advertizing Creation Kit is now available


    The Silverlight Advertising Creation Kit (SACK) is now available for download


    The SACK is targeting designers and ad creation agencies and discusses several aspects of creating ads using Silverlight.  Step-by-step instructions are provided throughout so no previous knowledge of Visual Studio, Blend or Silverlight is required.  Sample projects are also included for each of the sections.  The following topics are addressed:

                        Creating Polite Ads

                        Tracking Actions (Event Handling)

                        Ad synchronization

                        clickTAG Support

                        Expanding Ads

                        Optimization Techniques


    This document supplements the Silverlight Ad Publishing and Serving Guide, which specifies how to serve ads to a client page.  The Silverlight Ad Publishing and Serving Guide is available for download here.


    This is the great work of Dan Penn who is leading this space in our product team.



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