We all want our applications and Web sites to be effective. 

How does one know that the application is effective? How does one gather information about how the application is being used and interacted with?

Understanding this requires instrumentation (that is often done after the fact) and usually is a cumbersome process.

Well, at MIX you will hear how Silverlight empowers you to do this in a much easier way (It might actually blow you away).

My colleague Michael S. Scherotter  is going to introduce and talk about the Silverlight Analytics Framework at MIX.

The Silverlight Analytics Framework is about to release next week (March 15 2010) on CodePlex as free open-source framework.  The Framework is available for both in browser and out of browser Silverlight applications, is integrated nicely with the design experience in Blend and is supporting many analytic services it can report into.

The session on the framework will be on Monday 3/15/2010 at 2:00 PM at our Mix Conference in Las Vegas – it will be recorded and put up on the Mix site soon after so if you can’t make it, you can still learn about it. 

From my experience, after you try this, you will never want to look back. Michael and team did some amazing work on this.