As discussed at PDC last year, Microsoft is working with Nokia to make Silverlight available for Nokia’s phones.

Starting this week you can download the Silverlight for Symbian beta version runtime and tools from the Microsoft Silverlight for Symbian - Beta site.

This release is another milestone in our efforts bringing Silverlight to the leader in worldwide market share for smartphones, the Symbian platform.

With this beta release, developers can start targeting a broader range of devices using the same skillset and tools; specifically, this beta release performance profile is focused on media scenarios.

Also, since the Silverlight for Symbian bits are a subset of the desktop version of Silverlight, you can browse to mobile Silverlight implementation and the application will render correctly also on your desktop (which is useful for debugging).

Since this is still a beta release you may still run into performance issues or bugs. Please share your feedback with our team, we will listen.

The following resources will help you get started developing Silverlight applications for Symbian S60 devices: