Windows Phone 8, what should I choose?

Windows Phone 8, what should I choose?

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Today was the ship party of Windows 8 in the Microsoft Campus. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon where there in addition to Nokia and HTC trying to sell their services and devices.

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There is a Microsoft program that subsidizes the phone (with a new contract) and since I am out of contract I need to select a phone.

I have looked at the following phones and have some Pros and Cons:

Nokia 920

Pro: Good camera (actually the best camera out of all the other models)

Con: Big and bulky


Pro: nice slim design. Good grip. The sexiest phone for sure

Con: Lousy camera

Nokia 820

Meh: size not too big but design is not unique

Meh: Camera is OK


A camera is important to me but does it justify the bulkiness of the 920?

What do you think? Should I wait for the Samsung ATIV?

Let me know.

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  • I'd take the HTC 8X, phones aren't cameras from my point of view. And not lasting (unfortunately) as well...

  • 920 does not have SD card slot and battery is not replaceable. Samsung ATIV seems to be the only choice.

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  • The camera on the 920 really is ace. My phone is finally a replacement for my point and shoot. Although i did think it was too big initially, my old 800 now feels too small.

  • I've gone back and forth on these a few times myself. :) The 920 seems too big for me, the 8X looks the best but I worry about HTC build quality, and the 82x phones all seem very uninspiring. I'm leaning toward the 822 on Verizon if I can find it in grey.

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