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    With "WPF/E" embedding video in HTML is easy.


    I would like to thank Chandu Thota for this code. THis is a common scenario where you want to point to an external video. Chandu wrote the following IFRAMed code that does that:  

     <iframe frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no height=330px width=400px src=></iframe> 


  • The Bardakist

    You thought you knew how to show video playback. Watch this.



     Video playback on the web does not have to be boring. Check out this new implementation from the Channel 9 team. It plays, it resizes, it animates it entertains and it's alive

    New Channel 9 Video Playback Experience

  • The Bardakist

    Yes it works on the mac too!


    Just a quick note to remind you that "WPF/E" is indeed a cross platform presentation technology. Look at the screenshots of the samples on Firefox, Mac and IE7 (yes it also works also on IE6)

    MacOS Safari

    FireFox 2.0

    IE7 on Windows Vista

  • The Bardakist

    Excitement is in the air - "WPF/E" is finally here (well at least a CTP)


     It is an exciting day for me as today we release the first community technology preview of "WPF/E".
    “WPF/E” (codename) is Microsoft's solution for delivering rich, cross-platform, interactive experiences including animation, graphics, audio, and video for the Web and beyond. Utilizing a subset of XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language)-based Windows Presentation Foundation technology, “WPF/E” will enable the creation of content and applications that run within multiple browsers and operating systems (Windows and Macintosh) using Web standards for programmability. Consistent with Web architecture, the XAML markup is programmable using JavaScript and works well with ASP.NET AJAX. Broadly available for customers in the first half of 2007, “WPF/E” experiences will require a lightweight browser plug-in made freely available by Microsoft.

    There is already a lot of information available for you to munch on starting 09:00AM PST:

    A new MSDN dev center at

    MSDN library nodes on "WPF/E" that includes:

    “WPF/E” SDK – if you want to develop “WPF/E” content, you need to use that. Having Visual Studio will help the process be smoother.

    “WPF/E” white papers.

    Downloads for you to play with:

    “WPF/E” CTP for Windows – this is what you need to install on IE (6 or 7) and Firefox (1.5 or 2.0) on Windows

    “WPF/E” CTP for Macintosh – this is what you need to install on Safari and firefox (1.5) on the Mac.

    “WPF/E” Samples – after you install “WPF/E” CTP on a pc or on a Mac you can use these samples to get a feeling to how “WPF/E” works.

    Channel 9 zone for WPFE

    And of course the complementary tools and designers sites at site and the

    We also have 3 MSDN forums to discuss "WPF/E". You are invited to ask questions: General, Designer, Developer.

    The last thing I want to share with you is an internal Microsoft "WPF/E" site, that looks like the image the the bottom. 

    You can not see the graphic effects from this image, so I want to let you know that the buttons you see are actually floating on moving water and the images at the bottom are floating. Nevertheless, the text you see is standard HTML text. This page shows how you can mix HTML and XAML on the same page and get the benefits of both. You can do it too. 

    So, it is time for you to start trying “WPF/E”. Let me know how it goes and stay tuned to some more information.

    "WPF/E" internal site image

  • The Bardakist

    A little about me - Dec 1st 2006


    Hello readers.

    My name is Barak Cohen and I am the Product Manager of "WPF/E" (codename). I have been in Microsoft for 5 years (wow) and am excited to have the opportunity to work on something that will have such an impact on Microsoft's customers in addition to many other connected people.

    I used to be a Windows device driver developer in the past (can you belive that) and also was involved in other Microsoft runtimes such the the .NET Framework and the .NET Compact Framework. I have so much to tell you about "WFP/E" but I will keep this to my next post.

    Until next time. 

    To "WPF/E" and beyond

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