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  • Blog Post: Today's Annoyingly-Unwieldy Term: "Intra-Query Parallel Thread Deadlocks"

    I've received a couple of questions in email and in comments about deadlocks involving mysterious-sounding non-lock resources like " exchangeEvent " and " threadpool ". There are a couple of examples in the comments for post
  • Blog Post: Deadlock Troubleshooting, Part 3

    Here’s an example of the classic scenario that is usually used to introduce the concept of a deadlock in a database: Process A Process B 1. Begin Transaction 1. Begin Transaction 2. Update Part table 2. Update Supplier...
  • Blog Post: Deadlock Troubleshooting, Part 2

    In this post I’ll look at an actual deadlock, then troubleshoot it using the steps I described in Deadlock Troubleshooting, Part 1 so you can see them in action. This is a simplified version of a deadlock scenario that an internal customer here at Microsoft called us for help with. To set up the scenario...
  • Blog Post: Deadlock Troubleshooting, Part 1

    A deadlock is a circular blocking chain, where two or more threads are each blocked by the other so that no one can proceed. When the deadlock monitor thread in SQL Server detects a circular blocking chain, it selects one of the participants as a victim, cancels that spid’s current batch, and rolls...
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