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August, 2004

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    CuriOddities, part 3 [Kit George]

    Time for another interesting snippet, in which the code itself doesn't appear bad at first glance, but again: the coder seems to be making an assumption about the way they have constructed the code, which is incorrect. And in fact, it's not an appropriate...
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    New version of the CodeDOM Test Suite available on the BCL Site [Kit George]

    Eden Li, an intern at Microsoft for the summer, has just completed and posted an update to the CodeDOM Test Suite , which is available for public download on the BCL MSDN site . This is an excellent update to the suite, and includes all the files necessary...
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    Webcast: What's New in the CLR 2.0 [Kit George]

    Just an announcement all: I'm giving a WebCast tomorrow on MSDN, on the topic of 'What's New In The CLR, 2.0'. This cast is similar to presentations I have given at both PDC and TechEd, and will highlight a variety of things the CLR has been working on...
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    StreamWriter Buffered Data Lost MDA (or a cute finalizer trick) [Brian Grunkemeyer]

    A somewhat common problem when getting started with developing managed code and using our IO package is forgetting to close a Stream or a StreamWriter. Users who write code like this will be disappointed: void Foo() { StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter...
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    CuriOddities (part 2) [Kit George]

    This week's Curioddity is a result of the way some things in the framework work. I think many of you are going to know the underlying issue here, so I'm going to make it a bit more obscure (not give too much help) to try to keep it interesting. I would...
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    Curioddities: part 1 (Kit George)

    Well, I thought I would start a series on interesting things in the framework, and see what people thought about things I find interesting or odd. I'd also love to know what other things you find odd ir interesting that don't happen to come up. For...
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