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September, 2004

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    TechEd '05: what do you want to see? [Kit George]

    Well, I realize that TechEd '05 is a while off yet, but we're sitting here right now in a planning session, and I realized what I really wanted to know was: what presentations do you, our customers, want to see the most at TechEd? Given that Whidbey will...
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    New design guideline on evolving names of APIs [Kit George]

    All, here is a new design guideline we've just added, targetted at resolving whether we should call things 'APINameEx', or 'APIName2', when the name has already been used, but the API can't be changed for breaking change reasons. I'd love any feedback...
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    Curioddity Number 4: how many strings do I have? [Kit George]

    Well its time for another curioddity. This one is pretty fun, there's a couple of good sidesteps involved. The following code is gong to write out 3 lines of code to the Console. Your tasks are to: 1: without running the code, write down what you think...
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    KeyValuePair vs. DictionaryEntry [Krzysztof Cwalina]

    We discussed a problem with implementation of IEnumerable on Dictionary<K,V>. What type should IEnumerable.GetEnumerator().Current return? KeyValuePair<K,V> or DictionaryEntry? Same for ICollection.CopyTo. Instances of what type should be...
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    Program Manager Position Announcement [Kit George]

    All, we have a Program Manager opportunity available on the BCL team, and welcome any interested individuals who meet the requirements of the following job description, to contact Kit George ( ) for further information. Come work on...
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    Notes from a design meeting [Kit George]

    All, we're going to start publishing topics from our design meeting notes. Feel free to send general feedback on the item,or to me directly ( ). Here's a kick off on Collections: TrimToSize on collections . The basic issue here was...
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